rough sex

Laetitia 2

In this barbarous Russian pornography game in the design of a visual novel, the narrative of a woman who had been chased by a few bandits to cruelly rape her in many ways continues. This time you're waiting for much more brutal sexual scenes in which the brunette in the cover of the magazine"Playboy" will be tortured in the most sophisticated ways. To be able to go to the next sex scene, click on the arrows to the right side of the display. To keep the dialog, click the dialog box, and in some scenes you'll need to click on specific areas of the girl's body. You will observe a brunette being beaten with a whip, then stuffing a variety of objects in her pussy, along with attempting electric shocks. The game is sure to please fans of sex and sex torture. Music supplements everything which occurs.

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Fairytale Pussy 3

This is the next part of this porn-game"Fairytale Pussy", where the super hot queen is fucking about and hopes to obtain a fantastic husband. This time the hot woman will probably have hot sex with... a giant plant? Well, it may look odd, but it looks like she enjoys it! Pretty woman gets great pleasure, even though a massive plant sticks its own stalks in various places. Whatever it had been, you're waiting for a very high-quality 3D animation and realistic sounds like relaxing music. There are hot sex scenes from the most inconceivable presents and from a variety of angles. On the panel in this screen's top left corner you can alter the present and actions. As soon as the enjoyment indicator on the right will be entirely filled, fresh poses are available to you. Enjoy! At the corner on the ideal side of the screen you can fix the noise.

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